Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Sunday Best

Easter Fun......

I love holidays!! I don't care which one it is I just love holidays!! For Easter we decorated eggs on Friday and had a huge crew of friends here for Easter lunch and an Easter egg hunt. My mom commented that from the pictures it looked like something my grandmother, Ranto, would do. She is right! It is exactly what Ranto would do. I am happiest when my house is full of people having fun and enjoying each other.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Catching up!!!!!

I am so BAD at blogging!!!! Why I even started? I still have not figured that one out. Anyway, how about playing a little catch up!!!

Chad is a little sad these days since Florida did not win the National Championship. As all of you know he is a HUGE Florida fan. But Life must go on.... He is loving his job sometimes and other times it is a job. I think it is that way with most people. When Chad is not working he is hiking, taking beautiful Landscape pics (which I will post a few), and planning our next vacations. I think Chad's dream job would have been to follow in his Aunt Glenda's footsteps and become a Travel Agent.

Stewart is loving school and life in general. He is in his 3rd year of cub Scouts, he played soccer this year, and took up BMX racing. His next sport is baseball which we will be signing him up for this weekend. Stew is also an avid hiker and is following in his daddies footsteps and becoming a really great photographer.

Kirston, wow what can I say?!?!? She is her own little person. And, I do mean little, at 5 she barely weighs in at 33 pounds wet!!!! She is our little Boo and we love her!!! Kirston is the total opposite of her brother. She never sits still and is never quiet!!!! Kirston just started gymnastics and I think it is right up her ally!

I am staying at home and volunteering at the school. I still love to cook and I am working on my baking skills... no more store bought cakes for me!!!

Our journeys this year will take us to Nicaragua to see Kim, JJ and the girls. While there we are hoping to visit the Corn Islands and maybe even Costa Rica. We are looking at going on another Cruise over Thanksgiving and of course we will be visiting family in Mississippi and Florida.

I hope the New year brings great things!!!