Friday, September 11, 2009

What a Summer!!!!

WOW... is all I can say about our summer. It was fun filled and packed with family. Our neighbors and church friends are re-introducing themselves to us because we have been gone so much!! Our summer started in Mississippi with my family. We spent our time in Rolling Fork, MS and then at JellyStone for a family reunion. Lots of fishing and fun.
A week after we got home from MS Chad's parents and Grandmother (GG) came out to Seattle in there RV. They took the kids to the Olympic Peninsula for 10 days. Chad and I joined them on the weekends. Sandy was excited to go to La Push beach which is in the TWILIGHT books.
Kim, JJ, and the girls came 2 weeks later to spend 10 days with us. JJ was able to go surfing and take Stewart surfing too. Kim and I spent a day in downtown Seattle and left all 4 kids with JJ at the zoo. ( i think this was the kids favorite day) We also spent some time in Port Angeles, Sequim and Port Townsend. We love being tour guides!!!
We all left for FL for the last 10 days of summer. JJ took us deep sea fishing and Stewart caught 4 shark (with a little help from me). he was so excited!!! We were also able to go to Animal kingdom and Chad was able to go SCUBA diving. The hightlight of the trip was being able to see the night launch of the space shuttle...this is something we will never forget.
It is now time to get back into the grind of school and life in general..... I hope you all had as wonderful a summer as we did!!!

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